Accurate, insightful indexing.


icon-editingPrint Book Indexing

Complete your book with a comprehensive, thoughtfully crafted index that adds value to your work. With over 700 published print and digital indexes, I can create an index that sets your book apart from the competition. I can index from PDFs or hard copy or, depending on your needs, index directly in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.

icon-catelogDigital Indexing

Strengthen your ebook or digital publication with a digital index that surpasses text search capabilities and provides your readers with an information roadmap. For digital-publishing workflows, I can index from XML files with hyperlinked anchors or embed codes directly into Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.


Specialty Indexing

Enhance your scholarly work or anthology with a separate name index or other specialty index that ensures your readers find the information they need. I can create indexes for names, titles, or first lines of poetry/scripture to complement your general subject index.



Hi, I’m Erika. I help create exceptional publications by crafting comprehensive, insightful print and digital indexes.

I’ve been freelancing since 2016, collaborating with publishers, packagers, and individual authors. Prior to that, I worked with some amazingly talented people as part of an editorial team at Pearson, working on technology and business imprints.

Through a series of corporate acquisitions, I gained experience working for three major publishers (Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, and Pearson) and more than a dozen imprints without ever leaving my desk. I’ve indexed over 700 published print and digital products during my twenty years in publishing.

What does this mean for you? Your project benefits from years of in-house experience. Large or small, your project receives the same meticulous attention and commitment to quality. Your completed index is delivered on deadline every time, ensuring that you hold your production schedule.

I have the flexibility and experience to adapt to your workflow, whether it’s print, digital, or XML-based production. As a member of the American Society for Indexing and the Society for Technical Communication, I stay current with changes in the industry. Does your project need an expedited schedule or have special requirements? I will work with you to meet all project and scheduling needs.

I love what I do and strive to make each project its best.

When I’m not reading professionally or for fun, you can usually find me in a field of sheep, training my dogs for sheep herding. I also volunteer as an editor with

For more on my credentials, experience, and certifications, drop by my LinkedIn page. If you want to connect or just say “hi,” social media requests are always welcome!

Let’s Talk!

Need an index for a book or other documentation? Still in the planning stages? Either way, let’s chat! I love hearing about new projects. Don’t be afraid to tell me about your deadline or project requirements. I’m straightforward about my abilities and rates, and knowing what you need helps me to hit the target.

Let me know how I can help you create an exceptional publication!